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What is e-commerce consulting?

What is E-commerce Consulting?

If we search for the answer to what is e-commerce consultancy, it is the name given to the general e-commerce consultancy service given to companies that provide e-commerce services for e-commerce consultancy on sales, e-commerce consultancy on digital marketing and e-commerce consultancy in the field of management.

If you say what is e-commerce consultancy, SWOT analysis, E-commerce roadmap, Budget Optimization, Tests and Competitor analysis are only part of e-commerce consultancy. E-commerce consultancy can only be successful if the instructions in the result of the consultancy are followed.

What is E-commerce Consultancy - How Should It Be?

E-commerce consultancy is given by experts who have years of expertise, experience in their fields, and have certificates and diplomas that can provide e-commerce consultancy.

With e-commerce consultancy, you can achieve the best use of your company’s budget and time. If you are still wondering what is e-commerce consulting, it is useful to read what we have written about e-commerce consultancy below.

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Why E-commerce Consulting?

  • E-commerce Consulting Neutral feedback: They
    can provide you feedback based on what they see and how they see it. Their main goal is to help your business thrive and succeed. Through their feedback, you can make informed decisions for all the right reasons.
  • E-commerce Consultancy They allow you to pay the right fees for the right services: They
    save you the high fees you will pay because you do not know the business because they dominate the market prices in all the service items you will receive while doing your e-commerce business.
  • E-commerce Consulting Determines strategies to increase your sales:
    Approximately 90-98% of online shoppers do not complete the transaction with a purchase. Your e-commerce consultant can give you an idea of ​​why your customers are not completing sales. Their aim is to make the whole process as customer-friendly as possible, to block the gap and to increase conversion rates. They will have the necessary tools to create reports that provide you with information about your competitors. This will allow you to determine what works for them and why they are selling more from your business.

E-commerce Consultancy They target the right audience: In which sector you are a company operating and your target audience is defined. Sometimes, businesses can have a narrow target group, which means they’re missing out on sales by marketing to the right people. An e-commerce consultant helps you identify your audience and then reach them using the right methods. By specifying more target groups, you can significantly increase your sales and profits. By making a point shot in marketing activities, they ensure that your marketing costs are reduced and you get more efficiency.

  • E-commerce Consultancy They use the right channels: 
    Social media, having a blog or providing relevant information to the audience you choose is extremely important for businesses. You need to take advantage of social media and how it can be used to reach thousands of people instantly. Your e-commerce consultant will create a social media strategy where you can use the right platforms for your target audience. Here you can share your blog articles, offers, new products and trends and much more. Social media is a unique marketing tool, and with an exceptional level of interaction, it can give your business and brand a personality that customers can relate to.
  • E-commerce Consulting Lets you capture opportunities: E-commerce consultants are good at what they do because they have been serving many e-commerce sites for years. They have experience that allows you to take advantage of opportunities that others cannot see. Therefore, they think effectively outside the box and ensure that your business makes the right moves at the right time. They bring strategies and new perspectives that you have never thought of before. So they can identify areas of growth that will take your business to the next level. This can help you reduce low sales, increase customer satisfaction, and increase your profits.
  • E-commerce Consulting Create a roadmap:
    E-commerce businesses cannot succeed overnight, so you need the right guidance. An e-commerce consultant can create strategies and a roadmap to guide your business on the road to success. This will include a project of milestones and milestones, and will also ensure that your business is result-oriented and optimized. When they create a roadmap, they draw a direction that will benefit your business so that you can take your e-commerce business to the next level.

Why should you get e-commerce consultancy from us?

Our company, which provides information and project services in 1988, is located in our own building in Ataşehir.

First of all, we work customer and success-oriented, so we do not charge you a fee for every sentence and information we receive, and you will get the answer to all your questions and problems that you have not answered so far.

We have been in the internet sector for more than 20 years and provided consultancy to the sites where millions of TL shopping a month.

We ensure the satisfaction of our customers both at home and abroad.

We work result-oriented with our managers who have not only knowledge but also PhD in the IT sector.

It is hard to introduce ourselves no matter how much we describe here, it is best to contact us and let’s meet.

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E-commerce Plan is Created

After the e-commerce consultancy preliminary meeting, your e-commerce plan is made. According to this plan, you or your staff are informed about the actions you need to take.

E-commerce Analysis Report is Prepared

According to the e-commerce roadmap, which is created every month, your sales and visitor numbers, competitors' status, ad return rates, ROI values ​​are combined with many other factors and reported to you.

E-commerce Success Calculation

According to the results of the e-commerce plan and e-commerce analysis report, the e-commerce roadmap is revised at the beginning of the month, optimized and e-commerce success calculation is made for you to enter the other month with higher performance.

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